Why Securing Your Home Computer Should Be a Priority

Why Securing Your Home Computer Should Be a Priority

July 18, 2018

Computer security is more important today than ever before. As computers become a larger part of our lives, the impact stolen computer information can have on us becomes larger as well. Hackers can get into your bank account or personal email if they’re able to get into your computer. They even view seemingly mundane information like your birthday as valuable because it can help them sell your identity online. Securing your home computer should be as important as securing your home itself. Fortunately, IT services in St. Charles County, MO can help. Here are some of the reasons why the importance of protecting your computer is growing by the day:

  • Personal information: One of the first things to know is that hackers will use any means possible to get your information. Be wary of typing in personal information online. You’ll want to do some research or ask someone for help if a site is asking for your credit card or Social Security number. Don’t type information like that in without thinking about what you’re doing first. You can even ask your IT services provider in St. Charles County, MO if you need to.
  • Strong passwords: You should also make sure you have strong and different passwords for your important logins. Simple passwords are easy to break for hackers. If you only have one password, this means that, if a hacker gets a hold of one from a site you use, they will have access to all your other logins.
  • Email scams: From “Nigerian prince” scams to computer viruses, email is one of the most effective ways for hackers to get a hold of your information and computer. Most email services do a good job of sorting out dangerous emails, but you should still be careful. If you see an email you weren’t expecting, beware. Don’t download or open any attachments that you weren’t expecting. Otherwise you’ll need to call IT services in St. Charles County, MO.
  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware software: Hackers are always coming up with new ways to get into your computer. You’ll want to constantly update your anti-virus and anti-spyware software. You’ll also want to make sure it’s the right anti-virus software—some hackers disguise their viruses or spyware as anti-virus software to trick people. You can contact an IT Services in St. Charles County, MO, like Computer Paramedic, to install safe and effective software.
  • Firewalls: Firewalls create a barrier between your computer and the internet. They keep anything you don’t want from getting in. Firewalls can be both hardware and software and are a huge deterrent to hackers. A company specializing in IT services in St. Charles County, MO can install and keep a firewall up to date for you.

Computer Paramedic has been in business for more than 20 years and is proud of our work on both business and personal computers. We’re dedicated to taking care of any issues you may have and helping keep your computer up to date. If you’re looking for help protecting your computer from hackers, look no further. Our professional technicians will be happy to help.

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