The Importance of General Driver and Plugin Updates

The Importance of General Driver and Plugin Updates

August 29, 2018

You’ve almost definitely seen little windows pop up on your computer from time to time informing you of software updates that are now available for your system. Usually they seem to pop up when you’re right in the middle of a task, so it’s extremely common for people to click the “remind me later” button. Of course, the more you put off the updates of your software, the more you open yourself up to potential issues with the software or your computer itself. You can’t just keep clicking “remind me later” forever—at some point, you need to make time for the upgrades.

Why do I need to stay on top of my PC upgrades?

There are many different types of software updates that pop up on your computer, from updates to your operating system and drivers to updates for specific programs. These updates perform a wide range of tasks, such as adding new program features and removing outdated ones, updating your drivers, fixing security issues that have been discovered and providing patches and other fixes for software bugs that have been identified.

If you do not stay on top of these upgrades to your PC and software, there’s a chance your software will become vulnerable to malware. These vulnerabilities are types of security weaknesses or holes found in software and operating systems that can be exploited by hackers, who write codes specifically geared toward targeting these vulnerabilities. This code gets packaged into malware that you might get from downloading questionable internet content or visiting infected websites.

When malware gets onto your computer, it can steal your personal data and infect a variety of important systems. It can even allow the attacker to take control of your computer and use your software for purposes for which it was not primarily intended.

Different rules for drivers

All that being said, while it is important to update your operating system and other types of software as soon as you get the message to do so, you do not necessarily need to put the same sort of emphasis on updating your drivers. In fact, the general rule for drivers is “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

If you’re having issues with your computer, such as slower speeds or certain bugs, then updating your drivers might help you resolve those issues. Otherwise, if you’re not having any issues running certain programs, then leave it alone—there’s more of a chance you’ll mess something up than make minor, almost unnoticeable improvements.

Otherwise, it’s important that you prioritize your updates. While it might seem like a hassle in the moment, especially if you’re in the middle of working on something, it’s an important preventative security measure for your computer. The next time the message comes up to make some important updates, try to avoid procrastinating and just get those updates out of the way. For more information, contact our computer shop in St. Charles County, MO with your questions. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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