Exciting New Offerings Starting Next Month at Your Computer Store in St. Charles County, MO!

Exciting New Offerings Starting Next Month at Your Computer Store in St. Charles County, MO!

September 11, 2018

Since 1995, Computer Paramedic in Wentzville, MO, has been St. Charles County’s source for computers, computer parts and service. Through the years, the professionals at our computer store in St. Charles County, MO have consistently kept at the forefront of technology to better serve you and your business. Next month we are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our services even more. Check out these exciting new offerings becoming available from Computer Paramedic in October 2018:

  • Solarwind N-able Managed Services: This is the #1 rated IT support solution for your business. This managed system can remotely monitor and provide state-of-the-art tech support for your organization. Preventative maintenance happens to fix issues before they even start. Our team can help you with the software you need to support this cutting edge service.
  • Office 365: Fully customizable and remarkably professional, Microsoft Office 365 is the vanguard of office technology tools. Allow us to help you choose and customize the Microsoft Office and email that is perfect for your organization.
  • R-Post: Experience the future of email. Encrypt your email for both privacy and for compliance purposes. Imagine: email tracking, proof of deliveries and electronic signatures can be yours!
  • Weave: Weave is the ultimate one-stop shop in managing your practice. Ideal for dental, optometry, beauty and other health practices, this integrated solution can record calls, perform two-way texts, manage call tasks and store patient data and appointments.
  • AV-Defender: For the best in antivirus protection, look no further than AV-Defender. This comprehensive antivirus and anti-malware protection software for Windows uses Bitdefender® technology and is integrated with our MSP Solution.
  • AVAST: For robust antivirus protection not integrated with our MSP Solution, we will be offering the highly recommended Avast program. This active program is multi-layered and updates every second to protect you from the latest virus and malware.
  • DATTO: To protect your data, you’ll need backup. DATTO is a premier data backup solution to protect your organization’s data from unplanned events such as natural disasters, technology failures, user errors or malicious activity. Your organization can keep on humming.
  • Infrascale: An affordable option for data storage and backup is Infrascale. This backup system comes with a 15 minutes guaranteed failover application. If disaster strikes, you’ll be able to access your data and applications in the cloud in 15 minutes or less—guaranteed.
  • Mozy-Pro: Mozy-Pro offers world-class data protection. Fully encrypted and simplified operations make it easy for your organization to restore all business-critical applications 24/7. This elegant solution will have your business up and running again in no time should a disaster hit.
  • Remote Access Solutions – SSH/VPN/TeamViewer: Balancing the need for security regarding your organization’s data and flexibility for your team members is a challenging job. SSH/VPN/TeamViewer is the solution. Specifically designed to keep your team on the go, it has been tried and tested to keep your team in the network.
  • HIPAA Consultation, Review and Training: Every practice finds it essential to demonstrate HIPAA compliance. We can provide customized courses and products to fit your organization’s needs.

With our expanded offerings starting in October of 2018, we offer a comprehensive service model to businesses, professionals, and individuals that will serve your every digital need. This is why so many call Computer Paramedic their trusted computer store in St. Charles County, MO. Give us a call today to see how we can support you and your organization.

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