Why Protecting Your Computers in the Healthcare Industry is of the Utmost Importance

Why Protecting Your Computers in the Healthcare Industry is of the Utmost Importance

September 25, 2018

In the age of HIPAA, compliance is one of healthcare professionals’ main concerns. The data stored on servers in the health care industry are private and any breach in that trust is subject to the strictest of violations. Protecting patient privacy in the information age is a challenging job. Because the danger is real, your computer services expert in St. Charles County, MO, has several warnings and, more importantly, some key suggestions in how to protect the computers used in your practice.

Viruses and Malware

The top fear of computer service professionals are computer viruses, worms and malware. They are there to destroy, change or alter your patient data or other important data you have on file. It’s not difficult to imagine the horrors of not being able to access your patients’ charts, the practice’s financial records or records of appointments and contact information.

To protect your data, it is vital to install state of the art antivirus and malware protection software that is constantly updating and scanning your system. Be sure to run diagnostics and scans on a regular basis. Work with an IT professional to keep your software updated with the latest definitions and updates.

Unauthorized System Access

How tight is your organization’s security? A common security issue is that unauthorized users in some practices have access to personal data. This is in direct violation of HIPAA laws and could have very serious consequences if the data gets in the wrong hands. In addition, unauthorized users could have access to manipulating records and information in your computer, which could lead to disastrous medical consequences for your patients.

Fortunately, protecting your organization’s security is not challenging with the right tools. Make sure that you have unique user roles that would grant specific security options, user information and access levels. Carefully set each user role to each individual within your organization appropriately. Each user should have a password protected entry point. By taking these steps, your practice can greatly reduce the risk of an unauthorized user making a mistake with vital data.

Mobile Data Breeches

In today’s practice, mobile devices are a must. Tablets and laptops are used on the office’s wireless network to record patient data as well as other vital information. Unfortunately, mobile devices are even more susceptible to hackers and viruses. Protecting these devices is of the utmost importance.

Comprehensive EMR (electronic medical record) software should be able to secure your tablets and smartphones in a way that is compliant with HIPAA. However, it is best to work with your IT professional to make sure your EMR is up to snuff. A robust anti-virus software program will extend its protection to these devices. Do not skimp on maintaining your protection.

Data Leaks

External and internal cyber-security threats are real. What gains media attention are the external cyber-attacks. Hackers attempting to steal your and your patients’ data is scary, but they can be prevented with the proper firewalls and antivirus software in place. Unfortunately, what is far more common is internal data leaks—whether malicious or accidental.

To prevent internal data leaks from happening, clear security settings and user roles must be established. Technology use processes must be clearly documented and enforced within the organization. The IT team should continually analyze the system for any weak points for any possibility of a data breach.

Choosing the Best in Computer Services in St. Charles County, MO

When considering how to protect your patients and your practice, why not partner with a professional? At Computer Paramedic, we’ve been a trusted provider of computer services in St. Charles County, MO for health care professionals since 1995. Give us a call today to learn how we can protect your technology!

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