Why Is My Computer So Slow?

Why Is My Computer So Slow?

December 31, 2018

We’ve seen it time and time again: computers that were once lightning fast are now slow, sluggish and frustrating. Don’t fret if this sounds like your computer—there are often relatively straightforward causes and easy solutions for a slow machine. Continue reading to learn more:

  • Too many startup programs: When you download a new program, it’ll most likely ask you if it can open when your computer starts up. This is because it wants you to use the program as often as possible. We recommend opting out when the program asks this question. Opening a ton of programs during startup will just lengthen the amount of time it takes your computer to boot up.
  • Failing hard drive: Hard drives with moving parts spin thousands of times each day. It makes sense that over the years the hard drive will start to wear down and fail. If your hard drive is two or three years old, bring it to a specialist for laptop repair in St. Charles County, MO. We’ll let you know if your hard drive is at fault and whether or not it needs to be replaced.
  • Too many browser add-ons: For the most part, browser add-ons make for a better online experience, but like a lot of things in life, too much of a good thing can be bad. Using a ton of add-ons can slow down your system, making you frustrated when you’re just trying to surf the internet. Try disabling a few of your add-ons and see if that speeds up your computer a bit.
  • Too many programs running at once: Even the newest computers have a limit to how many programs they can run at once. The more programs you have open at a time, the more RAM your computer has to use. If you’re using a lot of RAM, your computer won’t be able to process things as quickly. Running fewer programs at once or upgrading your RAM should fix this problem.
  • Anti-virus programs: Software programs that detect viruses on your computer are invaluable in protecting you from outside threats, but these programs can often get a bit overzealous and run virus scans that hog up a ton of processing power. Set the program to scan for viruses when you’re typically not using your computer, and you shouldn’t run into this problem again.
  • Viruses: On the opposite end of the spectrum, you might already have a virus. Viruses and malware infect your computer and slow down its processing power. Run a virus scan and see if anything is detected. If your computer is infected, bring it to us to remove that nasty virus.
  • Dusty room: It might not be something that’s on your computer that’s causing the problem, but something that’s around your computer. Too much dust in your space can slow down the fans used to cool your computer, which means that your programs will take longer to load. Clean up the area behind your computer—that should help improve your speed, and if not, at least your space will be cleaner!

If you’ve gone through everything above and your computer is still sluggish, you may need to visit Computer Paramedic for laptop repair in St. Charles County, MO. Our trusty pros can quickly inspect your computer or laptop, figure out exactly what the problem is and right the wrong.

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