Why Computer Networking Is Important for Your Business

Why Computer Networking Is Important for Your Business

January 25, 2019

In the digital age, businesses can’t stay afloat without taking advantage of the wonders of modern technology. You already know that computers are a crucial part of running your business, but if you have more than one computer, things get a little more complicated.

To make your business and its electronic devices run more efficiently for all employees, you should utilize computer networking in St. Charles County, MO. This simple way to connect computer systems provides you with a ton of benefits, many of which can make a big difference in how your company runs.

What is computer networking?

Essentially, computer networking connects all of your business’s computers together. It works by creating a local area network (LAN) to connect your computers, printers, fax machines, software and other electronic equipment.

Networks can also create unified access to the internet—practically a necessity in today’s always-online world—as well as a shared file database to store documents on. Finally, computer networking can form company intranets, which support file sharing, instant messaging, private internet servers and other employee-only collaboration programs.

Computer networking is key for your business’s success

Having a computer network is practically essential for businesses with more than one employee. While you could theoretically be extremely efficient when working with just one computer and one printer, networks get more and more necessary the more your business grows.

Here are some of the ways computer networking in St. Charles County, MO can benefit your business:

  • Collaboration: Shared files and communication programs within the office allow your employees to communicate and collaborate more effectively, as well as share documents so everyone is working from a single, updated file.
  • Improves productivity: When employees can access a central file database through your business’s network, they are able to view and update files much faster than if they needed to retrieve them from one particular computer across the office. Productivity can also be improved because employees can utilize shared resources like printers and fax machines from their own computers.
  • Remote access: Computer networking allows you to set up virtual private networks (VPNs) so employees can access your business’s network outside of the office. This lets employees work from home or access files while traveling for business.
  • Scalability: A computer network allows your business’s IT sector to scale with you. A network is not limited to one building; it can grow to include employees in different office locations or even across states through a wide area network (WAN).
  • Industry-specific software: If your business requires programs that are industry-specific, such as scheduling software or radiography programs, computer networking can help give each computer in your business access. This gives employees access to data from these programs to do their jobs. It can also cut costs because you won’t have to pay to install programs on every single computer—you can simply purchase a networked version, instead.

While you’re working with an IT provider to set up your business’s computer networking, make sure you ask about cyber and network security, so only your employees and the people who are supposed to have access to information can access it. This is just as important as creating the network itself, if not more so.

For reliable computer and IT service, call Computer Paramedic. We are very experienced in setting up businesses’ computer networking in St. Charles County, MO and can help with a wide variety of other data and computing solutions.

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