Why Computer Software Updates Need to Be Performed

February 8, 2019

At one point or another, just about everyone has gotten a software update notification and clicked “remind me later” to avoid enduring the update process. While this is usually okay to do for a day or two if you’re in the middle of something, you shouldn’t let your software updates fall by the wayside for weeks or longer.

Software updates are a crucial part of computer maintenance in St. Charles County, MO because they fix known problems with your computer’s programs, protecting you from viruses, unexpected shutdowns, security breaches and more.

Why software updates occur

Software updates are available for practically all the features of your computer: your operating system, installed programs, game applications, security software and even your web browsers.

Months of data collection, error reports and more help software developers locate where their users are having trouble with their products. When a software company offers you an update, it typically means that they have identified a known problem with their program and have devised a solution.

These updates may include new features that make the programs easier to use, bug fixes that solve known issues or additional security features to prevent breaches or block vulnerabilities. Overall, software updates are designed to make programs run better.

So, what’s the big deal?

You might be thinking, “My computer runs just fine. Why is it necessary to update it constantly?” However, computer maintenance in St. Charles County, MO protects your computer from a lot of potentially bad things you might not be aware of. If your computer is working well, it means the updates are doing their jobs.

Hackers spend all day, every day trying to find weak points in software programs that will give them access to your private information. Once they do, if you have not installed an update that fixes the vulnerability, they could potentially retrieve information stored on your computer.

This can be extremely damaging to both individuals and businesses of any size. Your private photos and videos, credit card information or entire identity could be stolen using computer data. For companies, client, employee and other proprietary information is at risk of being accessed.

Additionally, technology is complicated, and some programs won’t run properly all the time. Not installing updates that provide greater stability can leave you with software that glitches out, shuts down randomly, makes you less productive or won’t run at all.

How software updates benefit you

Here’s a quick guide to why software updates are so important:

  • Improved security: Many software updates come with enhanced security measures that close holes in the system and strengthen the software’s resistance to hackers, so your information will stay safe.
  • Bug fixes: If the software you’re using has a weird glitch or two that makes the program not work the way it should, software updates can provide patches that eliminate the problem.
  • Operating stability: Some software programs have a tendency to crash mid-use or are too slow to use effectively. Updates can implement better program stability so it runs faster and smoother.
  • New features: A lot of the software updates you’ll install will contain new and enhanced features for your system or programs. These features continuously improve the value of the software and enhance your use experience.

If you have a question about software updates or need help staying up to date on computer maintenance in St. Charles County, MO, call the IT experts at Computer Paramedic!

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