Ready for a New Laptop? Here’s How to Get the Most Out of It

April 15, 2019

Technology is ever changing, and computers don’t last forever. There will come a time when your computer is unable to do the simple things fast, like downloading updates from the internet or installing software properly. Some laptops are like smartphones in the sense that they can no longer be effectively upgraded, and therefore become useless to the user. These and other things are signs that your computer is slowing down.

But there’s good news for creative folks in the market for new laptops. For starters, there are so many more options that were not available five or 10 years ago. This is great news considering the graphics and video applications of today need more storage, RAM and hardware to operate.

Do all these upgrades boost the price of computers? Yes, but you get a load of benefits, too. If you are ready to go buy yourself a new laptop and want to arm your brain with the right information, then the following guide is for you. Here are some must-know general trends about desktops, laptops and computer setup in St. Charles County, MO.

Creative type laptops

Using your laptop for creative work requires it to have a few things. For the best performance, get a laptop with a CPU with four cores (quad-core processor), graphics hardware that can keep up with accelerated graphics in your installed applications and as much RAM as you can afford.

Core strengths have developed

All computers have a central processing unit (CPU), which can have multiple cores to spread out the work. Your applications—such as photo editing and video editing—all benefit from a system with multiple cores. Many newer laptops are no longer limited to just dual-core CPUs.

Integrated graphics

The graphics in most affordable computers are handled by part of the CPU chipset, called integrated graphics, because it is integrated with the CPU. This is especially important since graphics processing needs its own memory, so keep in mind that integrated graphics should have its own piece of the main system RAM. However, premium laptops typically have separate graphics processing units (GPU)—its own video RAM—that takes the graphics load off the CPU.

Power options

Most all creative applications, especially video and photo, drain laptop batteries faster than when you’re using non-creative apps. For this reason, creative types should always carry portable power for backup. Luckily, the USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports on a number of new laptops are also standard power ports. That means laptop users can buy a high-capacity USB-C Power Delivery power bank, also known as an external battery, that will boost laptop battery power.

There is so much more to know about the latest and greatest laptops on the market today. Before purchasing a new computer, make sure you do some research to ensure you are getting the exact laptop for your creative needs. If you have questions, need help with your laptop or need assistance with computer setup in St. Charles County, MO, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Computer Paramedic today.

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