Why Virus Protection Is Important

Why Virus Protection Is Important

June 17, 2019

For as long as there have been computers and internet service, there have been ne’er-do-wells who try to infiltrate our computers and networks to steal vital information and generally just wreak havoc, resulting in the need for computer repair services in St. Charles County, MO. Thankfully, antivirus software exists to protect us from those exact threats! Continue reading this post to learn more about the need for virus protection:

  • Identity protection: Everything from your Social Security number to your banking information can probably be found somewhere on your computer. Unfortunately, cybercriminals can deploy viruses to steal this information and potentially disrupt your life. Antivirus software detects programs that try to infiltrate your computer and will protect you from getting your personal information stolen.
  • Ensure proper functionality: Computers start getting sluggish as they grow older, but it’s not just old age that may slow down your laptop or desktop: viruses and malicious programs can, too. Installing antivirus software keeps those nasty programs at bay and ensures your computer is as fast as can be.
  • Protect the network: Some malicious programs don’t simply attack one computer. Instead, they infiltrate the entire network and cause major harm. These programs are called worms, and luckily many antivirus programs can stop them before they take down an entire network of computers.

What do antivirus programs protect against?

One of the best aspects of antivirus programs is the fact that they don’t only protect against viruses. Here are a few of the other things a proper antivirus program will fend off:

  • Trojan horses: Files called Trojan horses look like standard applications you download online (i.e., Microsoft Word), but are actually malware programs that can cause significant damage. Antivirus programs warn you before you download what appears to be a Trojan horse file.
  • Spyware: As the name suggests, spyware programs are software meant to spy on the unsuspecting user or steal information off the computer. Antivirus programs will alert you if they detect the possible presence of spyware.
  • Rootkits: A rootkit is embedded deep inside your computer and masks malware, spyware and any other type of harmful software from being detected. Antivirus software ensures that these rootkits can’t infiltrate your computer.
  • Worms: The programs mentioned above that can take down networks are called worms. Thankfully, your antivirus program will stop a worm before it gets into the network and starts doing its dirty work.
  • Messaging: It’d be nice if you could always trust that email attachments are safe to download, but that’s not always the case. Some attachments can contain viruses that cause great harm to your computer. A proper antivirus program will let you know when an attachment could contain harmful software.

Whether you have a virus and need computer repair services in St. Charles County, MO or you’re trying to avoid getting a virus in the first place, be sure to come to Computer Paramedic. We can fix all of your issues and ensure your computer is up and running again as smoothly as possible.

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