Don't Ignore Your Software Updates! Make Them a Priority

Don’t Ignore Your Software Updates! Make Them a Priority

February 14, 2020

If you spend any amount of time using a desktop or laptop computer, you’re going to have occasional popup messages prompting you to update your operating system or other pieces of software. It can be tempting to just click the “Remind Me Later” button over and over again and see these reminders as little more than a nuisance. However, most tech experts will advise you to make those software updates as soon as possible, as doing so is a critical part of a holistic cybersecurity strategy.

You may be wondering, “Do I need to update my computer software?” Here’s a quick list of reasons our experts in St. Charles County, MO believe you need to update your computer software when you receive those prompts:

  • Improve your security: Security vulnerabilities can easily be exploited by hackers to damage your computer or network. If you fail to update your software, it can be targeted by malware more easily. Software patches often include important security upgrades designed to guard against known and potential threats. This means you won’t have as many potential vulnerabilities to worry about.
  • Protect your data: You likely keep a lot of personal information on your devices, including email accounts, passwords, bank account information and other information that could be exploited if it were accessed by the wrong people. Software updates help you to boost the security of your operating system. This doesn’t just prevent hackers from damaging your network, but also keeps your important data safe and secure.
  • Updates can be highly beneficial: There are plenty of benefits to updates beyond just the security improvements they provide. They can fix and remove bugs that have been discovered in the software so it will operate more efficiently. Updates can also add important new features to your devices or software, or remove features that are no longer necessary or have simply become outdated. In this sense, your software updates don’t just protect your devices and software—they also make them work better.
  • Protect other people on your network: If you’re not the only person with devices connected to your network, then you need to think about the welfare of those other people as well, whether they’re coworkers, employees, family members or roommates. If one device on a network gets affected with a virus, it could travel over the network to other people’s devices as well. Therefore, you need to make security updates a priority not just for yourself, but for everyone who shares the same network as you.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: Why bother running outdated software when there are newer, better versions available for free? When you think of it this way, it doesn’t make any sense to settle for outdated software. The upgrades are quick and easy to make and cost you nothing—take the few minutes out of your day to make the upgrade and you’ll be glad you did.

For more information about the various benefits associated with updating your computer software in St. Charles County, MO, we encourage you to contact Computer Paramedic today.

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