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Five Common Mistakes That Slow Down Your Computer

April 29, 2019

Laptop and desktop computers are not cheap pieces of technology. You invest in one with the intention of using it for as long as possible, but whether you use a PC or Mac, all computers slow down eventually. If you feel as though you need to seek laptop service or computer repair in St. Charles County, MO, there are a few things you might want to try before scheduling an appointment. Here are five common mistakes that can cause computers to slow down: Not emptying the trash bin: Deleted files are not immediately wiped from your hard drive when you... View Article

Computer Running S-L-O-W? You Might Need Computer Repair in St. Charles County, MO

February 28, 2019

You have 14 things on your to-do list, and your computer is working at a sloth’s pace. You’re ready to pull out your hair (or throw your laptop out the window). Before you resort to baldness or broken panes, though, consider how computer repair in St. Charles County, MO can help. Typically, if a computer is running slowly, this is due to one or more common issues. Use the following troubleshooting guide to determine what next steps to take. Virus Attack A virus is one of the most common causes of slow computers. Your computer can be exposed to a... View Article

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