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How to Avoid Common Computer Scams

October 25, 2019

It seems like means by which internet scammers can infect your computer are developing just as fast as the technology they pervert. With each passing day, there seems to be a new method a criminal can use to relieve you of your money or simply tamper with your software. If you’re increasingly worried about the possibility of falling victim to a con, have no fear—a little education goes a long way. Here are some helpful tips to avoid computer scams in St. Charles County, MO. Not all computer scams are coming from your computer These days, criminals give you a... View Article

Tips for Avoiding a Tech Support Scam in St. Charles County, MO

July 29, 2019

No matter how well-maintained your computer may be, more substantial problems will pop up. Maybe a virus is slowing down your computer’s speed. Perhaps some malware is making it impossible to perform essential functions. It could be a hardware problem, or a software malfunction—the possibilities are endless. You need a pro to help. Before you go in search of a tech support solution, you should make sure you’re dealing with a reputable professional. Today’s tech scammers have gotten so aggressive that they’ll try to trick you into believing there’s a problem where none exists. Even a tech-savvy individual may find... View Article

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